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University submits revised plans for Oxstalls development

The University of Gloucestershire is working with Gloucester City and Gloucestershire County Councils to develop a joint plan to redevelop the Oxstalls campus, Debenhams Playing Field and the sports facilities on Plock Court and the old Bishop’s College site.

The original proposal was submitted in September 2015, however, since then the plans have been updated following the decision earlier in December 2015 not to continue with the relocation of Estcourt Park allotments.

The University has now submitted revised plans to Gloucester City Council to show how its campus in Gloucester can be redeveloped to accommodate a new Business School, student accommodation, and provision of new and improved sports facilities.

The changes primarily impact on proposals for Debenhams Playing Field, which was purchased by the University earlier this year. Under the original plans, the playing fields were proposed to accommodate the relocated allotments as well as being the location for new student accommodation to support the growth of students in Gloucester. However, following detailed discussions with stakeholders, it became clear that the cost and complexity in relocating the allotments was prohibitive.

The decision not to relocate the allotments means that additional screening between the new student accommodation on the Debenhams site and the houses that back onto fields can be provided, further alleviating any visual impact and noise for the University’s neighbours.

Further benefits of keeping the allotments in situ include allowing for a 7 a-side grass football pitch (60.35m x 40m), as well as other retained playing fields on the Debenhams site.

There have also been changes to plans for parking at Oxstalls following traffic and transport surveys undertaken in October 2015. These indicated an increase of traffic on the roads surrounding the University and showed more cars parked within the University campus. The revised proposals include an additional 108 parking spaces, bringing the total of parking spaces to 258 which will alleviate on-street parking in surrounding areas.

The revised plans will now be subject to public consultation by Gloucester City Council.