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University takes part in Gloucestershire Pride

Students and staff from the University of Gloucestershire were among hundreds of people who showed their pride in Gloucestershire’s LGBT community on Saturday (11 June).

Gloucester was a sea of colour when Gloucestershire Pride 2016 began with a parade from Shire Hall to Gloucester Park, where the event took place.

Students from the Students’ Union (SU) LGBT+ Society and Equality and Diversity Manager, Clare Peterson represented the university at the event, joining groups such as Gloscats, Gay-Glos and Victim Support. The carnival atmosphere was provided by Cheltenham’s Ola Samba.

Gloucestershire Pride is a community focussed organisation that aims to promote LGBT&I awareness over the whole year through various events, including in the Gloucestershire Pride event day every June. Gloucestershire Pride also aims to act as an anchor for the LGBT&I community in Gloucestershire.

Matt Wester, President for the University of Gloucestershire SU LGBT+ Student Society, said: “Pride is one of most iconic events of the year for the LGBT+ community, with towns, cities and counties almost in competition with each other to celebrate diversity and strive for equal rights.

“This year, Gloucester Pride became Gloucestershire Pride, in an effort to engage organisations in towns around the county, including the LGBT Partnership in Cheltenham.

“The LGBT Student Society attended Pride in Gloucester Park on Saturday, with the university being involved in Pride for the first time in 11 years. It is a common discussion across the society about students actively attending Pride events across the country, and having strong connections with Gloucestershire Pride organisers we secured the society a stall for the day, as well as student discount for the fundraising events across the last 6 months.

“The society and university continues to establish connections with organisations and opportunities to provide students and staff of LGBT+ with positive experiences throughout their time at the university.”

Take a look at photos from the day on the university’s Flickr album.

To find out more about the university’s LGBT+ society visit their webpage or email