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Unlocking the mysteries behind the behaviour of birds

​A starling murmuration is an amazing sight, watching millions of birds wheeling about the sky, but it’s a phenomenon that we know very little about. This is just one of the behavioural enigmas that University of Gloucestershire Ecologist, Professor Anne Goodenough, will be exploring in her Inaugural Lecture.

In her lecture Bewitched by Birds, which will take place at Park Campus in Cheltenham on Wednesday the 18th October, Professor Goodenough will also explore bird migration and the impact that climate change is having on their seasonal activities.

Professor Goodenough’s research has concentrated on the biology of birds with projects that focus on the migration of African songbirds and the national survey with the Royal Society of Biology on the mysteries of starling murmuration.

Professor Anne Goodenough said: “I love all aspects of ecology but have always been especially bewitched by birds. Anything with feathers has always absolutely fascinated me. I hope that people will come away with more knowledge of birds but also a greater interest and respect for species we are all familiar with such as starlings, blue tits and robins.”

Admission to the lecture is free, but tickets need be reserved in advance (link removed as event has finished). The talk is from 6pm at TC014, The Park, 18 October, with refreshments available at Elwes Reception from 5pm.

This Public Lecture series programme is also available online.