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A telescope points towards the night sky.

Glos Goss

Which Science Festival event should you go to?

There’s something for everyone

Cheltenham festival season for 2024 is well under way. This year, the Science Festival will host over 200 speakers across over 100 events from Tuesday 4 to Sunday 9 June. Stuck on which to choose? We’ve got you.

For the Nature lover – Deep Blue

Wednesday 5 June at 3pm

Following the popularity of his event in 2023 at the Cheltenham Literature festival, Steve Backshall is back! Hear from the British naturalist, explorer, and TV personality about his new book Deep Blue, a fusion of memoir, travel, and marine science.

For the Artists – Art in Nature

Wednesday 5 June at 6pm

An art class with a deep-sea twist, learn how to draw a selection of rare specimens from the Discovery Collection – with oceanographer and marine biologist, Russell Arnott and taxonomist, Tammy Horton.

For the Foodie – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: Plant Power

Wednesday 5 June at 6pm

Joined by Julie Wheeler, chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall shares how adding more plants to your life can not only provide health benefits but boost the taste of meals. Sharing delicious recipes and tips, don’t miss this one!

For the James Bond-type – Secrets, Ciphers, and Spies

Wednesday 5 June at 6.30pm

Talking everything secret agent, Nadine Akkerman, Pete Langman and Jo Durrant discuss the tricks and tools of modern spies – ciphers, counterfeits, invisible inks, and assassination.

For the Astrologer – Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw: Black Holes

Wednesday 5 June at 7pm

Talking through their co-written book, the pair explore the understanding of black holes, through the research of Einstein to Hawking and beyond.

For the Musicians – Holst the Planets: Exoplanets

Wednesday 5th June at 8.15pm

Explore how astrophysicists can create new ways of making music during the 150th anniversary year of the Cheltenham-born composer, Gustav Holst.

For the Cyber Student – China: A Cyber Threat?

Thursday 6 June at 2.45pm

Follow discussions of whether we should be worried about China during the digital age where state-sponsored hacks are a possibility.

For the Animal Lover – How our pets see the world

Friday 7 June at 1pm

Ever wondered why your dog acts in a certain way? Then find out the tricks to knowing from a renowned dog trainer who will give an insight into why our pets act the way they do and how they perceive the world around them.

For the Historian – Oppenheimer: Building the Bomb

Saturday 8 June at 7.30pm

Following the success of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer last year, Ben Platts-Mills and David Wark discuss The Manhattan Project, its enigmatic leader J. Robert Oppenheimer, as well as the many scientists that worked at Los Alamos.

For the Political enthusiast – Can science predict the election?

Friday 7 June at 8pm

During a momentous year in UK and US politics, Dara Ó Briain, John Curtice, Jane Green, and Kit Yates delve into the science, maths, and analytics of an election to find out if science can predict the election.

For the Critical Thinkers – Puzzles and Pint

Friday 7 June at 8.30pm

A pair of mathematicians bring you a night of brain-teasing puzzles served alongside a pint of your choice.

For the Gamers – The Arcade

Free event available all week

Put your gaming skills to the test in a challenge against friends and discover how you could make a difference in the world of cyber.