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“Who Cares? We Do!” campaign wins award

The University of Gloucestershire’s “Who Cares? We Do!” campaign has won the award for Best Sustainable/Green Campaign at the Northern Marketing Awards 2020. The Awards, which were held online this year, recognise those organisations and individuals doing the very best marketing work. 

In March 2020, the University of Gloucestershire announced it was ending the production of a traditional printed prospectuses in favour of digital-only versions. This move forms part of the university’s new “Who Cares? We Do” campaign which taps into what today’s students care about − from fitting in at university, to how their experience will benefit their future, to wider concerns around climate change. ​

The university’s ‘Communications, Marketing & Student Recruitment’ team worked with creative agency Waterfall (based in Greater Manchester) to devise the new campaign for the 2021 academic year. The campaign aimed to be both disruptive in the sector, by killing the traditional printed prospectus, and reassuring to students, by answering their queries and concerns through channels native to that audience – using Instagram stories and podcasts, supported by a fully accessible digital PDF. 

The response from prospective students, and their parents, was overwhelmingly positive − so Waterfall entered it for the award. The panel of judges said that they “loved this campaign, its principals and attitude”. They also said that “it’s great to see someone doing something so bold, innovative and brave for this sector”. 

Beth Hayes, Head of Marketing, Campaigns and Digital, at the University of Gloucestershire said:
“As the UK’s number 1 sustainable university, we wanted to lead by example and ditch the printed prospectus to reduce excess waste. This was not without its risks but we, and our students, felt strongly that it was the right move – we now hope others will do the same.” 

Read more on the university’s decision to move away from a printed prospectus on the website. 

Access the digital prospectus​ via the website.​