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Paramedic Science BSc (Hons) Additional Costs and Information

Item Average Cost
Enhanced DBS update fee £13 per year
Laptop or Tablet £300 - £1000
​Vaccinations and other costs associated with health checks These costs can be variable, depending on your circumstance. Some required vaccinations can cost up to £150.00 and medical appointments may not be covered by the NHS. If you are concerned by this, please contact a paramedic team member who can assist you to estimate your costs
Membership of professional body (Paramedic Science) College of Paramedics has student membership for £2.50 / month (Optional) The HCPC charge £90.00 for initial registration on completion of the programme.
Internet-connected mobile device ​Variable, from about £30 / month
Optional - Purchase personal copies of textbooks ​£50 - £200
​Uniform items £100
Placement travel costs £20 per placement week (usually 10-12 weeks per academic year)
Replacement ID card £1
Library book replacement Current new retail cost
Library late return fines Late return fees may apply
Module retake alongside full academic load (Undergraduate) See Tuition fee policy for details
Module retake stand alone (Undergraduate) See Tuition fee policy for details
Printing and photocopying On average £40 per year
DBS checks ​£34 to £58
Graduation gown hire and 3 family tickets £100 - £130
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Fee changes

The UK government set the maximum fees for UK/EU students. Fee increases in future years may be applied to the second and following years of your course as appropriate. Any changes or increases are subject to the government regulations - as soon as any information is available we will let you know. Regulated tuition fees students enrolling in future years in not yet set. It could be different from the current published fees but we will update our website as soon as this information is available. EU students starting studies in 2021 will pay the international fee.

How to pay We understand that you might need some flexibility in the way you pay fees, so our Payment Portal provides a range of secure payment options to suit you.