AD4412: Design Skills

AD4412: Design Skills

Please note this module descriptor is indicative of the structure of this course and may be subject to change.

Module Title Design Skills
Module Code AD4412
Module Tutor Jessica Reid
School School of Arts
CAT Points 15
Level of Study 4
Brief Description

The module aims to present a series of workshops and lectures designed to equip students with essential knowledge and skills relevant to their studies in Graphic Design. These will include competencies in different skills that are needed in both theory and practice that enhance their design processes. This module aims to give students a range of opportunities to allow them to grow their knowledge and understanding of theory skills, the technical software used in industry, as well the more traditional analogue processes that are still used by many designers.

Indicative Syllabus

Workshops will include knowledge of and competencies in:

  • Printing process and traditional mechanical print processes
  • Digital pre-press process, print and file output
  • Basic photography technology primer: using cameras, image manipulation, image correction, print and file output
  • Exploring the construction of books and methods of book production on all platforms
  • Basics of website construction, design and output
  • Motion graphics, with output to different platforms and applications
  • All practical workshops will be delivered using industry standard software tools and programs where appropriate. Professional terminology and methodology will be used throughout.

Skills will be assessed each semester by completing task-based assignments that will demonstrate the level of competency achieved and knowledge gained.

Learning Outcomes

A student passing this module should be able to

  • Research
    Demonstrate the ability to identify a range of relevant research sources in relation to a creative challenge, investigate and organise the findings.
  • Analysis
    Demonstrate the ability to analyse, interpret and evaluate your research to draw valid conclusions that will inform your design choices.
  • Concepts
    Demonstrate the ability to generate multiple solutions to any given design brief.
  • Development
    Demonstrate that you can explore and experiment with multiple design Demonstrate and evaluate the appropriateness of different approaches to formulate multiple solutions to any given design brief.
  • Outcome
    Demonstrate the technical skills required to execute your designs using the appropriate software or skills for each creative challenge.
Learning and Teaching Activities Scheduled Contact Hours: 48
Independent Learning Hours: 102
Assessment (For further details see the Module Guide) 001: 100% Portfolio: 2500 words or equivalent
Special Assessment Requirements
Indicative Resources The current reading list can be found in the Module Guide, which your lecturer should make available via Moodle.

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