Landscape Architecture (with conversion year) (Masters) course map

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Alessio Russo

"I am inspired by world-class landscape architects and academics (i.e., Pietro Porcinai, Roberto Burle Marx and Ian McHarg) that have motivated me to pursue this career, and I wish to inspire, reach, and continue to motivate past, present, and future students."

Please note this course map is indicative of the structure of this course and may be subject to change.

Level 7

Level 7 Notes:

All modules in the conversion year are borrowed from the Landscape Architecture Single Honours undergraduate degree map and are compulsory for Conversion year students. You must pass the Conversion year modules and meet the minimum marks specified in the course handbook to progress to the Masters Year.

Module CATs
To complete your programme you must pass the following compulsory modules:
AD4601: Professional Practice: Digital Communication 1 15
AD4606: Representation & Design Strategies for Landscape 15
AD5603: Cultural Context: Environment and Legislation 15
AD5604: Sustainable Technology 2 30
AD5605: Design Projects 2 30
AD5606: Cultural context: Historic and contemporary landscapes 2 15
To complete your programme you must pass the following compulsory modules:
AD7601: Landscape Professional Practice 15
AD7602: Landscape Design Studio 30
AD7604: Landscape Planning Studio 30
AD7608: Urban Futures 30
AD7609: Design Research Methods 15
To complete your programme you must pass between 30 and 60 credits from the following:
AD7631: Investigative Design Dissertation 30
AD7660: Landscape Masters Dissertation 60
Other modules that can be counted toward your programme include:
NS7906: Geographical Information Systems: Mapping and Remote Sensing 15
NS7907: Environmental Pollution and Remediation 15
NS7914: Applied Conservation 15
NS7916: Environmental Governance and Decision Making 15

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