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AI and Marketing, Abbas’ research journey

Abbas is studying a doctorate in Business Administration.

“I have been working as a consultant for start-ups, SMEs, and multinational corporations in Industrial and Manufacturing domains, and I’m interested in giving back to society through my 20 years of experience in strategy.

I initially wanted to work for local businesses and SMEs as a strategic consultant in competitive positioning and sustainability as a volunteer. It can be difficult for businesses to hire consulting firms due to high costs – I wanted to utilise my business expertise and experience to help them.

I later decided to develop an artificial intelligence-based tool to support businesses in marketing strategy development. It would be similar to self-driven cars, drones, Siri, and Alexa, having the ability to copy human intelligence processes, learn from experiences, adapt to new data and updated information, and perform human-like activities. I decided to work on this research area to start, and I hope it will help me reach my final goals.

Artificial intelligence technology excites me. It plays a vital role in various applications and is currently on-trend. I believe, like many others, it may evolve the business, strategy and marketing functions in the future.

I have learnt how to progress my ideas academically with the help of research tools and support at UoG. The support of Ms. Jo Parkin and other chaplains at the sanctuary helped me stay calm and motivated and concentrate on my tasks despite the difficulties I face in day-to-day life.”