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Chloe takes advantage of sports opportunities at UoG

Chloe Carchrie, BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Sciences student.

“What sold UoG to me was the size of the campus and that you’re able to build a positive rapport with lecturers. I immediately felt that I was part of the universities community when I visited. Geographically, the area is perfect – Gloucestershire has a lot to offer, is really exciting and is a welcoming place.

When attending an open day, I was really impressed with the facilities and I was able to get a feel for what the university has to offer. I felt really excited when talking with the lecturers at the open day, they were enthusiastic and passionate individuals who made studying here really enjoyable. The open day informed me about the way the course was set up and allowed me to get a flavour of the modules available, so I could tailor my learning to a chosen career path.

The first few weeks at uni were amazing. Meeting all the new and current students and lecturers was really fun. The events which the university hosted were great, enabling me to meet new people and make new friendships. Beginning the course was a really exciting and interesting time – we met our lecturers and discovered more and their expertise and areas of research.

I really enjoyed seminar and practical sessions which accompany the lectures. Being able to put what I’ve learned into practice makes it easier to learn. It also helped me understand how to practically apply knowledge in our future careers. I particularly enjoyed creating and taking part in an agility session as a part of the Advanced Programming module.

I have been a part of UoG Netball Club across all 3 years of study. This was an incredible experience where I’ve made the majority of my friends. The Netball Team has a close, family feel which makes training sessions, socials and matches something great to be a part of. I would recommend to anyone to join a club or society as it really enhances your university experience.

I am in the process of applying for a PGCE as my career goal is to become a PE teacher.”