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From not wanting to go to university to a career in academia

When I left school, I felt I didn’t want or need to go to university, but after starting an apprenticeship which I didn’t enjoy, I realised in reality, university was indeed where I should go. I came to UoG to study Criminology and Psychology, and it was the best decision I made.

I found the course really interesting and stimulating. I enjoyed having variety within my degree, from learning about cognitive and developmental psychology to research methods to homicide.

I found my lecturers to be incredibly inspiring and was able to develop a good relationship with them throughout my degree. This led me to realise that I belong in academia, carrying out my own research in a field I’m passionate about. I was able to take part in research projects, including one on femicide, where I found my passion for researching Intimate Partner Violence, with an aim to reduce the number of victims. I have been able to explore this topic with the guidance from some of the leading experts in the field. I was also able to tailor my degree by picking modules I was interested in, which was really important to me, I also enjoyed being challenged by a variety of assignments which were not only interesting, allowing me to explore my own beliefs and knowledge about the world, but gave me skills I can use after undergrad. A key skill I took away from studying at UoG was the ability to think critically about the world.

Overall, I had the best time studying Criminology and Psychology at UoG, so much so I am now completing my Masters by Research at the university alongside being a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Psychology. The course helped me realise I am suited to a life in academia and research, now I get the opportunity to hopefully help others realise this too!

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