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I have become my own boss at university

Law student Charlotte brought her skills and experience from her working life when she joined UoG.

“In 2021 I took a leap of faith to undertake a law degree at University of Gloucestershire, after being out of education for over 5 years. I had never considered higher education, believing that it was not for me as I had really struggled in school. I was previously employed by a conveyancing company, working for solicitors. During Covid-19 and the following stamp duty holiday, I found myself wanting to do more and felt as though my career was slowly pushing me in the direction of studying law.

“Returning to education after a long hiatus is a big change, however, I would not have done it any other way. Coming from a full-time working background gave me a ton of skills that I didn’t have before that have helped me massively when it comes to studying. I effectively have become my own boss at university, as I am in charge of my future. This gives me even more drive to complete my studies.

“My main concern when coming to university was the vast amount of reading and writing that I knew it would entail. I was out of practice for such a long time, and having dyslexia, I expected to struggle. Even though it was not a piece of cake, the lecturers at university do a lot to set you up for success and provide as much assistance as they can.

“Each year I progress at UoG, the work and the amount of reading required increases, however, it is nothing more than what the University had prepared me for. I have come to realise that the phrase “practice makes perfect” is very true, as each assessment I take improves from using the skills and knowledge I have gained from the lecturers. 

“From never even thinking about further education, not believing it was for me and walking away from one career, to now, stepping into a new chapter and completing my second year with most of my grades being first-class, I am proud of myself. I can truly say this was the best decision for me to study law at UoG.” 

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