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I love the facilities here, the new Business school looks so elegant

China / International Business Management

“I’m a level six student of the International Business Management. My programme is two plus two, that means I have two years to study at the University of Gloucestershire and another two years to study in China. Last two years I studied in China, and then last year, I came here, joined the Gloucestershire family.

“My Chinese University has the cooperation with the University of Gloucestershire. At the beginning, I wasn’t quite sure how University of Gloucestershire is, but I heard a lot about it from University representative who came to visit us. Also, my friend’s cousin graduated there and was very satisfied. I heard it is the safest place in the UK. So, I thought, I should try it. Everything connected; the new Business building, nice accommodation and the price is good. It is safe and the tutors are good.

“In China there is a lot of competition for jobs. So, a degree from UK can make difference. The UK is very interested in Chinese market, and I can help in creating those bridges.”


“The environment and the nature in the UK are really beautiful. In China, everybody is too busy to sit in the park. But in the UK, I think even though I have a lot of work, I still have free time to go out. I live in Gloucester and I love living here because people are nice. For the first time I live with roommates, but I have my private room. We have the new building; the price is good, and it is safe. I love to travel, and I have visited Bristol, London, York, Birmingham. Everything is close.”


“My lectures and my course are pretty good. The tutors are great. Especially when I first arrived in the UK and joined the class, they cared about me so much. My personal tutor helped me to solve lots of problems, from first visit to GP, to where to get immigration card or take the bus.”


“I love the facilities here. The new Business school looks so elegant. We have our seminar rooms, lecture rooms, and there is a lot of space for the students to study on their own. I recorded a video for my friends and parents, and they were all amazed.”


“The most challenging thing was assessment because in China we have the test examination and the finals for every term. Here it is the first time that I am writing essays in English with all the references. It is not my first language, and you have to use critical thinking.

“In China we normally learn English from when we are 10 years old. Even though we learn grammar, vocabulary, the best way to learn is to stay here and improve very fast. If you want to improve your English, the environment is everything. I have to use English to speak to people and communicate.”