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I network with professionals from different companies

Binthia is from Myanmar in Southeast Asia and is studying a Master’s in Global Business Administration (Global MBA), a one-year course.


Since my country’s education sector is still developing and does not offer the level of education I aspire to, I have always had a strong desire to pursue advanced studies abroad. After working for several years gaining professional experience and skills, I decided to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

I applied to University of Gloucestershire and was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship from the University, which enabled me to pursue my academic goals and aspirations. I am grateful for this opportunity and am committed to making the most of my time here to expand my knowledge, skills, and professional network.

The course

The MBA course has widened my perspectives on what is possible in business. I have gained insights into the diverse perspectives and roles that organisations offer, which has opened up new avenues for exploration. The course has broadened my horizons and exposed me to new ideas and concepts that I believe will be valuable in my future career.

The MBA programme has equipped me with a range of skills and knowledge that have expanded my career options. I am eager to apply my newfound expertise and contribute positively to any organisation that values innovation, collaboration and growth.

The teaching style

The teaching methods are vastly different in the UK from what I was used to in my home country. Instead of just written exams, the courses here incorporate quizzes, assignments, group presentations and simulations, which have been immensely beneficial in enhancing my learning.

One significant difference that I noticed is that instead of memorising concepts, we are encouraged to understand them and present them in a way that we comprehend. This approach has helped me develop my soft skills such as leadership and project management. Moreover, time management has been critical in meeting project deadlines and assignments.

Studying in the UK has also provided me with the opportunity to network with other students and professionals from different companies who give talks here.

Adjusting to life in the UK

In the UK, everything is different to Myanmar. The first thing that hit me when I first landed was the weather. I came from 38C to -3C when I came in January. Luckily, the two heat waves during the summer saved me – I felt at home again.

One significant difference I have noticed is the emphasis on fostering independence in children from an early age. In contrast to my Asian culture, where children often live with their parents until they are married, undergraduates in the UK typically reside in student halls and work part-time to support themselves. This cultural difference has been eye-opening for me, and I appreciate the opportunity to learn and experience new perspectives.


I am currently doing an internship at the Global Café. The chaplains and their lovely team really helped me adapt to the University and life in the UK. So, when the opportunity came to give back, I opted to volunteer as one of the international buddies for the scheme.

I enjoy welcoming new international students and supporting them with a streamlined registration process. This has been a great opportunity to be part of an amazing team where we warmly welcome international students and helping them feel less homesick. We organise activities, trips and exciting activities to help balance their day-to-day life.

Future goals

Before I started my MBA with a specialisation in healthcare, I had limited knowledge of the career prospects in the UK. My motivation for choosing this course of study was to gain a deeper understanding of the National Health Service (NHS) and its operations.

As I continue to explore my career options, I am considering opportunities that align with my previous work experience, as well as the knowledge and skills acquired during my MBA programme. With previous experience as a recruiter and training specialist, I have developed a keen interest in the field of training and development. Also, I find finance, project management and business continuity planning to be fascinating areas that offer promising career prospects.

I am determined to leverage my MBA education to contribute positively to any organisation that values innovation, collaboration and professional growth. I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to exploring various career opportunities that align with my aspirations and goals.

Career prospects

The University really helps international students who are often unaware of the job market here. The Your Future Plan team gives career advice and guidance for writing your CV and cover letter. There is also a career studio and job fairs. The resources that University of Gloucestershire provides for international students help us adapt and understand the market.