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I’ve been supported by highly skilled and inspiring lecturers

Melanie Rose Steele is studying for an MA in Illustration and has not looked back since starting the course.

I found myself at a crossroads and joined the part-time course with the simple purpose of finally giving myself proper time to do something I loved: drawing.

I thought I would be honing my drawing skills to finish illustrating a children’s story I had written myself. But no, I found myself in the print studio learning how to do collagraphy, gum arabic prints and letterpress. I was supported in all these activities by highly skilled and inspiring lecturers.

Our MA course culminated in a show at the Hardwick Gallery. This was incredibly exciting and challenging. Having the opportunity to present my major project pushed me to examine my practice at a deeper level.

I am very grateful to the tutors who remained unfailingly supportive at points when I thought external pressures might force me to abandon the course.

Melanie's illustration showing stork-like birds flying in a blue sky.