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I’ve gained the confidence to go outside my comfort zones

Law student Isobel is President of UoG’s Law Society and is the first female vice-captain of the University American Football team.

“Studying Law at University of Gloucestershire offers several benefits. Firstly, the University has a reputable and modern Law programme that provides a comprehensive curriculum and lecturers who know students by name and are invested in their success. This ensures that students receive quality education and guidance throughout their studies.

“Secondly, the University offers various opportunities for practical learning, such as mooting competitions, legal clinics, and internships. These experiences can enhance students’ understanding of the legal profession and provide valuable hands-on experience, as well as developing interactive skills such as teamwork and public speaking. At the beginning of my studies I hated public speaking, however, I was pushed out of my comfort zone and went on to become the President of the Law Society which enabled me to interact with other students and develop my leadership skills.

“Additionally, the University has strong connections with local law firms and legal professionals, which can facilitate networking and potential career opportunities for students. This year the Law Society was able to put on a networking event with various local law firms where trainee solicitors and members of various firms came in to talk about their experience. Some law firms even offered shadowing experience such as WSP Solicitors whom I have the pleasure of shadowing this summer.

“As well as enabling me to become a better student, this course enabled me to gain the confidence to go outside my comfort zones. This subsequently allowed me to become the first female vice-captain of the University’s American Football team and get an internship at St James’s Place, a FTSE 100 company.

“Overall, studying Law at UoG can provide a solid foundation for a successful legal career, thanks to its quality education, practical learning opportunities and industry connections.”

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