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My college is in partnership with University of Gloucestershire

Malaysia / Progression Partner / Film and TV Production

Kamilah Hanim Ahmad Nadzrin is studying Film and TV production, while enjoying everything that life in the UK has to offer.

Progression partner route

The reason why I picked University of Gloucestershire was that it was one of the only unis that I researched that had more practical assignments rather than just it been theory.

My college is in partnership with University of Gloucestershire, so I was able to carry that work and assessments and put it towards the first and second year. So that I can go straight into my final year which was great. It saves me a lot of time. I already decided on the University of Gloucestershire and then the University representative for Malaysia told me that there is Partner Progression Award that will reduce my fees. I was amazed.

Application process

It was easy. The only thing is that visa took a little bit longer because of covid. So, we had to rush everything. Thankfully enough, the University representative for Malaysia was able to help and guide me, answer any questions that I didn’t know and what to put down on the form. That was an easy process.

Being independent While studying in the UK I enjoyed the independency and being able to just explore and meet new people and try different things. It was amazing. It was a great opportunity for me because that was the first time, I’ve ever did any of that. So having that exposure and everything was just fantastic.

It’s just figuring myself out because until then I lived with my parents. Obviously, everything is so new. You’re in a new country, new place, you barely know anyone. And then on top of that dealing with all the assessments and the classes and everything. So, it was all about me trying to figure out – what do I want to do? How am I going to do this? I have to figure everything by myself.

Life in the UK

I lived in Pittville Student village. I saw the photos on the website beforehand. It was about 30 minutes on the bus, but it was really nice. I’ve met a whole lot of other people there. They have become great friends of mine.

I was fortunate enough to have such great flatmates as well, who were able to guide me. I was the only foreign student on that floor. They introduced me to British food and British culture, which was great. We had roast dinner on Sundays, and we all ate together. I’ve never had a roast dinner before.


The lecturers were great. Everyone was very helpful. Initially I was a bit overwhelmed because what I’ve learned back home and what I’ve learned in the UK was a bit different; new terminologies, new jargons. But fortunately, all the lectures understood what was going on. They were able to help me. And that made doing the work later so much easier for me.

We learned about the history of film, about sort of films that are not very well known but did very well. My favourite thing was making your own video; editing the, shooting, lighting, everything you have to do by yourself. The equipment is great, it’s better than what I had imagined. They had loads of different cameras and I love being in studio.

I am now taking a short break, but in the future, I would love to make a new TV show. TV is what I’m most passionate about. Currently I’m watching Stranger Things on Netflix. That has been my obsession.


Cheltenham is very safe. I love the people. I love how you can literally see everyone you know on the street in town. I think it’s one of the best places to be.

I’ve been to London before. I also went to Newcastle over Christmas break. The city is very big. There are so many things to do, like explore the architecture and the museums