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My year was amazing: challenging, fascinating and full of incredible experiences.

Irina Lensky graduated with a Master’s in Sound and Music Production. Here’s her take on her time at UoG.

“I attended an open day for the year 2022-23 enrolment and was blown away by the building and surrounding beautiful park grounds, as well as the fantastic music production facilities that the Park Campus had to offer. This included top of the range recording studios, microphones and mixing desks, as well as the lates computers and software.  I decided immediately to apply.

As a mature student I was a little worried about whether I would feel accepted by the younger students in my group, only to find that I was treated as an equal part of the team, and I felt so comfortable with my fellow students and the teachers, that I completely forgot about our age difference and we all had lots of fun studying and working together.

My year of studying was amazing: challenging, fascinating and full of incredible experiences. The teaching staff were very knowledgeable and, themselves, had professional experience, and I absolutely loved attending lectures. 

The material presented to us was of very high standard, often prepared meticulously and written specially for our lectures, because the nature of the sound and music production business is such that new and the very latest information becomes available almost weekly, as is the development in the world of sounds and music business. We were encouraged to be striving to learn the latest software and techniques and to be thinking ‘outside the box’ and be fearless and creative. We were also allowed and encouraged to ask questions, collaborate and be free to explore our own ideas. It was liberating and different to my previous experiences of studying.

Technical staff were extremely helpful. While we were learning so much new software and using complex equipment, we always had the support of technical staff. The recording hire facilities are brilliant too and we had access to all that we needed for our project.

Most importantly I feel empowered and confident that I can do it use my acquired knowledge and implement my new skills. Thank you UOG for helping me realise my dreams.”