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St Jarle delivers fantastic final year project

A group of programmers and designers teamed-up to form St Jarle, and develop a game that was later showcased at Insomnia i70.

Programmers Arnie Sheffield, Ewan Smith, Reese Todhunter, Seb Sells and Thomas Land got together with designers Luke Burling and Jak Lucy for their Advanced Group Project module.

With 5 programmers on the team, they were able to develop BYLE, an ambitious game with diverse
mechanics and procedural elements. They developed a strong prototype early into their module, to the point where they were accepted to showcase it at Insomnia i70.

At Insomnia countless members of the public were able to playtest BYLE. For the team it was a
great opportunity to network with other developers, collect feedback on BYLE and learn how to
make it even better. By the time COMX, the end of year showcase for Games arrived, BYLE was developed to a fantastic standard and has since been released on Steam, so now you can play it too.