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The course teaches you what you need to go out into the industry

Malaysia / Film and TV Production (level 6)

Violet Loke is doing a top up course in Film and TV production (level 6) as her college in Malaysia is partners with University of Gloucestershire. “If anyone’s taking the top up course, they should know that they are taking third year subjects and assignments so it will be a bit more packed and busy.”


Violet describes her course as fun, but it is also important for her to get the best knowledge for future career. “The course teaches you what you need to know when you go out into the industry. We have really good cameras, lighting and kit, it is all industry level and new. The University really takes our future seriously. They make sure we know what we need before we graduate.”

“On my course there’s a subject called advanced media technology. And in that module, we learned a lot of technical terms that are used in the filming industry. Not just the basics, but we were taught how to solve many technical mistakes that could jeopardize a project. Here we go in depth into a lot of things.”

During her studies, Violet discovered new interests and talents. “At first, I did this course because I wanted to be a film director or assistant director, screenwriter. After a while, I found that what I really want to do is, instead of being behind the camera, I wanted to do things in front.”

Film and Tv Production course also includes a placement module which offers work experience in the UK. “I’ve applied for a few work placements and I learned new stuff and was given the chance to showcase my skills. At the end of the placement, you get feedback, so you know how you’re doing. I’ve had employers tell me that they would look for me again. I think that will be quite a good opportunity.”

Life in the new country

“What I found challenging was just the weather. Other than that, I’m fine. I arrived here in September and I applied to live in halls of residence at Park Villas which is just a minute away from campus.”

Her favourite place to hang out with friends is Hollywood Bowl in Cheltenham, and she likes living close to the town centre. “There are a lot of pubs and bars you can go to in Cheltenham and it’s not that far from where I live in Park. You can just walk to town in 20 minutes. And if you live on Park campus, there’s a really nice park there itself. You can just go out for walks and runs.”

“I noticed the people here are very nice. I made a lot of friends through my flatmates and floor mates.”


“So, for future students who are planning to come here, I would just say, don’t be shy to open up. Be yourself and soon enough you’ll click in with a bunch of new friends! Even though they’re from a different country and you feel like you don’t fit in, they’re open to getting to know you. I’ve met other international students through activities organized by the Sanctuary. The chaplain organised things and from there I’ve met fellow Malaysians and other international students.”

Travelling around

Since her arrival, Violet enjoyed exploring England, joining the trips to Oxford and Birmingham organised by chaplaincy team. She also recommends Bristol and London as great places to visit during the breaks. “Top tip, apply for a rail card. Trains here are more expensive than Malaysia but if you get the rail card it will be a bit more worth it. For a day trip or a week trip down to London, two hours on the train and you’re already there.”