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The experience and knowledge of the lecturers is priceless

Gage Jones graduated with a degree in Professional Policing in 2022. He now works as a Police Constable at Avon and Somerset constabulary.

“Over the 3 years I spent on the course I found that the teaching was engaging, intriguing and essential to what parts of life in the police force would look like. The catalyst for all of this was the incredible lecturers delivering the course. Their experience and knowledge of the job is priceless, and I thoroughly enjoyed soaking up all of their teachings that I can now put to practice in my occupation. I found that they were always present and available for any advice I required as well as being ever-present for assistance when writing up my dissertation in the final year.

“The fantastic staff, combined with the excellent facilities at the University provided me with all of the essentials required to be successful on the course. 

“Further to this, during my application for Avon and Somerset Constabulary, the lecturers provided support and tips for the process which resulted in a successful application. 

“The course showed its versatility, especially in my second year during the Covid-19 pandemic where lectures were moved to being given online only. Despite this, I still found the curriculum hugely beneficial. Of course, this came with its difficulties but, in a way, it brought the class together and I made some lifelong friends along the way. 

“Now, I have over a year of experience as a Police Constable at Avon and Somerset constabulary on Response. My advice to students with aspirations of becoming officers is to make the most of the facilities at UoG and don’t be afraid to pick the brains of the lecturers who have vast amounts of experience in a wide range of roles in the police force. But also, be confident and have faith in your own ability. Being a police officer is a one-of-a-kind job and you’ll experience things that most people will never – so enjoy it!”