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The lecturers are fantastic, selfless and willing to help at all times

Nigeria / MSc Financial Technology

Aderemi Akogo studied accounting back in Nigeria and did a master’s in business administration. She gained work experience in a bank and wanted to finish the professional qualifications as part of Association of Certified chartered accountant ACCA. Aderemi realised she could do the final stages as part of studying MSc Accounting and soon applied to University of Gloucestershire.

“I just wanted to do something that would help me understand banking more. I did the front office banking, but I wanted to understand what goes on at the back end. Why I can just pick my phone, type some things, and get things sorted. I wanted to understand the financial technology part of it. The reasons I also choose FinTech is because in the past I would shy away from anything that has to do with technology. But I wanted to understand technology. That will make me be an all-rounder.”

“A family friend recommended the course and University of Gloucestershire. She said it is a fantastic course. I basically depended on word of mouth, I kept checking the university’s website, YouTube, asked friends. Everything is at your fingertips, from IELTS to how to write a personal statement. All the information is there on the website. You cannot be lazy because finding out everything is easy. How to get an accommodation, getting the list of schools from UCAS, what to expect from the courses you’re supposed to attend, what to expect when you get to the UK. From interview questions, to the visa office, everything is available.”


“I am very happy with all the lecturers. They are fantastic, selfless, willing to help at odd times, even without seeking for help. Sometimes when I stay back, after a lecture, I don’t understand something, my lecturer will come around and give a helping hand. Every time I ask a question, I get everything needed.”


“Right now, I believe the major issue Nigeria has is the problem of sourcing. When I was coming in 2021 in September, it took just two days to pay the first payment. Then subsequently, it started getting tighter and tighter. When I was to pay my balance, the 50% before the beginning of second semester, I decided to start early because it took over two weeks. The delayed transactions mean we have to do everything in advance. So, when I get the chance to talk to the people in Nigeria who have a conditional or unconditional offer, I tell them – don’t delay, don’t wait till the last minute. Starts the process as quickly as possible.”

Decision to come to UOG

“I chose University of Gloucestershire because my friend was already here. I like nature, the pond, dogs, the serene environment. Around here we have the city life and countryside, everything in one. The crime rate is low and that is important to me as I have two sons. I wanted a good opportunity for them as well, to have quality education. I enjoy the peace here. And a system that works.”

Student ambassador

“I applied to be a student ambassador, it’s a learning experience. This is not really about the money; it’s about being able to deal with people. I deal with the young prospective students, with the students and lecturers, I deal with the faculty and the facility managers, the security personnel. I was in the campus Open Day, I’ve done campus tours for HE and for grows, I was part of the teachers’ conference. People ask a lot of questions. I enjoy the fact that I can lend my voice.”


“I will say, look, look out for there is help everywhere. From the student union to the student services, Information Technology, to Help zone themselves. There’s International Buddy system, that is setting up WhatsApp group and Facebook pages to ensure quick resolution to students request. So, get involved. Be open minded and understand that you need to understand the people because, you know, here is an international environment, and as students, we are not just dealing with the Britons. Literally there are people from all over the globe. It is important to be open minded and be human.”