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The moot court looks amazing and makes you feel very professional

Clara is studying law at UoG’s Oxstalls campus in Gloucester.

“The moot court at Oxstalls is so inspiring. I’ve seen other moot courts before and they are very basic, whereas UoG’s looks amazing and makes you feel very professional. Additionally, when you get to do a moot you are able to wear the proper barrister robes which fully immerses you into the role. It’s a truly unique experience which helps place you in the right mindset in order to achieve the best grades. 

“The Business School is brand new and so it has so many attributes that aid your learning that you wouldn’t normally think about. For example, most students use a laptop in lectures and seminars, but we can all be forgetful and tired and forget to charge them. The good thing is that there are charging points near to you at all times – this has saved me on countless occasions!

“Something which really stands out for me is how much the lecturers care. During the recent strikes, many students missed out on teaching time. However, when I missed a lecture due to a strike, my law lecturer would always try to rearrange our lecture so that we would not miss out on any important teaching time.” 

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