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We analysed closed case files for the police

Kate is a student on the BSc (Hons) Criminology course and has been working with university academics to set up a sexual violence research group.

“The highlights of the course so far have been the internships and professional experiences. Everyone gets a degree these days, but this uni really cares about giving you the extra edge to get ahead.

For my internship, I approached one of the lecturers about setting up a sexual violence research group which is where we’d be commissioned by charities and police forces to conduct research. I’m most proud that a police force commissioned us to do some research into closed case files of child sexual exploitation. We had to analyse and interpret the information from the files for a report which eventually can be used to help devise police strategies for handling such cases. We spent a week at the police HQ collecting data, and then spent the next few months analysing it and writing it up. It was great to be in the field, leading and coordinating the team with Louise Livesey. And that was just the start, the research group is still going on.

It’s been wonderful working with lecturers on something real, where you build a relationship with them as your equals. They don’t see you as ‘just students’.

They get some amazing guest lecturers in, and the uni really encourage you to connect and network with them. One came in, I met him and kept contact and he’s now helped me arrange going to get some professional experience doing data mining for the government in Whitehall.

The lecturers really support you, but in classes they challenge you too. They want to know your opinion, for you to develop your own thoughts and to justify them. The classes are quite small which means you get that personal engagement from the lecturers. They don’t just present powerpoints, they want to engage and interact with you. And through the guest lecturers, they also want you to engage and interact with professionals who are working out in the field.

Some of the topics we look at are really tough concepts, but the uni are really good at helping you de-stress. They do a lot to promote self-care and emotional intelligence to help you cope with what you’re going through, being exposed to some traumatic experiences. They really support you in your wellbeing and teach you coping mechanisms.”

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