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A long history of outstanding Teacher Training

“I studied at the university not only for an undergrad, but also having completed the Graduate Teacher Training Programme for Primary Education – in both instances I was very satisfied with both the resources and the quality of teaching and learning experienced. I also adored the Francis Close Hall Campus, finding it to be a beautiful and inspiring place to study.

The course and its tutors nurture a rather personalised journey for each Trainee Teacher – it is strengths-based, taking what you can do already and building on this. A course community is very much encouraged, and this was beneficial for us all. We enjoyed going to each other for support and to share practice in our own areas of strength and expertise.

During all my experiences of studying at the University of Gloucestershire I enjoyed a real sense of ‘community’. On every course I have undertaken I have never failed to be inspired by those that taught me – their passion, insight, experience, and extensive knowledge has always inspired me to push myself, to open my mind and strive to build my knowledge base in my areas of interest.

The EYITT enjoyed the support of various tutors and lecturers, pulling in various professionals and educators to deliver lectures on specific areas of, or approaches to, teaching and learning. This meant that we benefited from expertise in everything, from learning how and why to deliver letters and sounds to exploring educational leadership.”