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This course offers something for everyone

Jazmine completed a BSc Hons in Criminology and Psychology at UoG, graduating with a first and decided to stay for postgraduate study, undertaking a MSc by research in Psychology.

Being a student on the UoG Criminology and Psychology BSc course has been an amazing experience that led me to realise my passion for research and education. 

Throughout my second and third years, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study a diverse range of subjects, which I found engaging and intellectually stimulating. There is truly something for everyone in this course. For instance, my friend had an interest in police work, so she often chose forensic modules, showing me pictures from within the crime house. Here, she learned skills such as taking fingerprints and how to preserve a crime scene. On the other hand, I was interested in literature and theory, and I enjoyed attending the traditional lecture format, where I could listen to and discuss with experts in their field. It was truly an amazing experience.

Some of my favourite modules were ‘Crimes Against Humanity’, ‘Critical Social Psychology’, ‘Prisons Punishment and Rehabilitation’, and the ‘Criminology and Psychology Dissertation’.

The assignments throughout the three years of the course were wonderfully varied. The most common assignment format was the traditional essay, which helped me improve my writing skills by developing important techniques such as critical and concise writing. Additionally, in my psychology studies, I completed assignments that involved different types of analyses such as Foucauldian Discourse Analysis in ‘Critical Social Psychology’. I also did video presentations in ‘Risks and Protective Factors in Psychological Development’, case study reports in ‘Homicide’, and group projects in ‘Crime and Society: Theorising Crime’. Having a variety of assignment formats helped me develop transferable skills and kept the course engaging.

However, the assignment that impacted me most was the Criminology and Psychology Dissertation. I had the pleasure of conducting research with the guidance of my supervisor, Samantha Hughes, who is a lecturer in Psychology. The entire process was enjoyable, from having the freedom to choose my research topic to conducting interviews with my participants. My dissertation made me truly realise how much I loved doing research and is the direct reason I am now doing my Masters.

Due to the amazing time I had on the Criminology and Psychology degree at UoG, I decided to stay at the university to do an MSc by Research in the field of Psychology. My current research focuses on exploring the motivations and meanings behind women’s tattoos in relation to their sense of self. I am thrilled to be continuing my academic journey in postgraduate study.

I am so excited for my future in research and hope to one day become a university lecturer myself.

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