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University has shaped my skills, confidence and perspective

Aidan Lavin is a student on UoG’s BA Architecture degree course.

“My university experience has been transformative, significantly shaping my skills, confidence, and perspective as an aspiring architect. Drawn to the construction industry from an early age and coming from a long line of builders, I gained hands-on experience working with my father, which provided a strong foundation for my studies.

“The teaching staff played a crucial role in my development, making learning enjoyable and inspiring me to challenge myself with unique and interesting projects. Their knowledge and friendliness allowed them to share their expertise and meet our needs as students effectively.

“The development of my architectural abilities has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my university journey. I’ve grown not only in technical proficiency but also in self-confidence, enabling me to articulate my ideas more effectively and refine my design skills. My representation style has become a strong suit, allowing me to communicate my concepts and projects professionally. Additionally, model-making has been a crucial element of my design process. Creating physical models has provided a better understanding of my projects and served as a valuable tool for further development.

“Sustainability has been a core focus throughout my studies, reflecting the pressing concerns of our generation and the construction industry. Through extensive research, I have developed environmentally sustainable projects that address local challenges and raise awareness on a national scale.

“Overall, I believe my three years studying architecture have been an incredible journey. This experience has allowed me to discover a true passion and has laid a solid foundation for my future career in the built environment.”

Aidan stands in front of a 3D scale model of a triangular building.