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Yolande’s studies enabled her to shift careers

Yolande is an Ecology and Environmental Science student.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my undergraduate journey, more than I could ever have imagined!

I went to the open day thinking I would find a short course I could take that would help me increase my knowledge on the environment, but 3 and half years later I am finishing up my research masters and looking forward to starting my PhD in September.”

Yolande talks about her experience as a mature student and support from lecturers.

“I am so grateful I chose the University of Gloucestershire. What’s stood out for me during my time here has been the one-to-one support from lecturers, they’re incredibly passionate about helping students develop their own career goals, whatever those may be.

I was so worried about making a career change so late in life, and yes it was hard, but boy was it worth it.”