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C11 Webinar – Considerations in Assuring Supply Chain Information Security

Date / Time

3 March 2022, 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Considerations in Assuring Supply Chain Security with Ascentor, Cyber and Information Security Consultants

We have another interesting webinar with Simon Jones from Ascentor, a cyber and information security consultancy.

Whatever the risks to your information, Ascentor’s pragmatic and business-focused approach will help you build the appropriate level of response to your cyber security challenges. They help organisations stay safe through cyber risk management – and equip suppliers to deliver projects and bid for contracts more successfully.

From information and risk management to security clearance and facility security clearance assessment, this talk will look at considerations in assuring supply chain information security.

Join us on Thursday 3rd March 2022 12.30-1.30pm.