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C11 Cyber Webinar

Date / Time

14 December 2021, 12:30pm - 1:30pm


Virtual (online)

C11 Cyber Webinar

In light of the recent COP26 event in Glasgow, this month’s webinar will consider how the outcomes of COP26 could impact our cyber security and technology industries.

What are the key outcomes from COP26 and what significance do they have to the cyber security and cyber technical industries? What are the implications of stronger and faster environmental protection on the already rapidly changing technology and security industries? What are the first steps for businesses to prepare for this escalating state of change? What is the UoG doing to assist?

Join us and get involved with some of our leading University of Gloucestershire academics Dr. Jon Furley, Sustainability Operations Manager and Ali Al-Sherbaz, Associate Professor in Network Security as they review and consider the implications of COP26 to the cyber security industry and the key touchpoints between environmental protection and cyber security.