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MA Photography Exhibition – Biocogniverse

Date / Time

20 March 2023 - 31 March 2023, 10am - 4pm


Hardwick Gallery, GL50 4BS


GL50 4BS



Exhibition information

Welcome to “Biocogniverse,” a bold and thought-provoking exhibition of photographs by our MA Photography students that looks at the connections between the living world, cognitive processes, neurodiverse ways of seeing reality, and the role of nature in mental health.

This brave graduation show challenges the status quo by highlighting the different ways of thinking and being in nature and in people. It begins a crucial discussion about the worth and significance of alternative intelligence.

“Biocogniverse,” by these visionary emerging photographers, takes you on a visual journey that challenges your definition of intelligence using different visual styles. The pictures show the fascinating interaction between human cognition, neurodiversity, and the world around us. They invite viewers to face their biases and appreciate the complex relationships between all living things.

The exhibition will challenge and inspire you with its clear pictures of neurodiverse points of view, alternate experiences of the living world, and the links between nature, mental health, and technology.

This MA Photography Graduation Show shows how much our students have grown as artists and thinkers and how bravely they have explored often-overlooked worldviews that help us learn more about life, cognition, and mental health.

We invite you to question your assumptions and embrace the incredible diversity of thought and life on our planet.

Opening event

  • Wednesday 22 March, 5pm – 7pm


  • 20 – 31 March 2023, 10am – 4pm