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Academic Board

Academic Board Terms of Reference

Last updated: 14 January 2021


Terms of Reference

Subject to the provisions of the Articles of Association, to the overall responsibility of the University Council and the responsibilities of the Vice-Chancellor, Academic Board shall be responsible for the following:

  1. To oversee the development and enhancement of the academic activities of the University, and to advise the Vice-Chancellor and the Council accordingly.
  2. To maintain oversight of the relationship between academic and resource planning.
  3. To oversee academic policy relating to:
    1. Research and scholarship;
    2. Learning and teaching;
    3. The academic portfolio, including the approval and closure of courses;
    4. The recruitment and admission of students;
    5. Academic regulations including those relating to assessment and the classification of awards;
    6. Arrangements for the management of academic standards and academic quality, including with respect to; the validation, monitoring and review of courses; external examiners and panel members; student representation and feedback;
    7. Procedures for the approval and award of qualifications and honorary academic titles;
    8. The academic experience of students, including student support and guidance; and appeals and complaints;
    9. The University’s arrangements for collaborative provision.
  4. To ensure alignment with sectoral reference points and to consider and approve reports and responses to external bodies, related to the academic work of the University.
  5. To establish such committees as it considers necessary to enable it to carry out its responsibilities, provided that each establishment is first approved by the Vice-Chancellor; the membership of any such Committee, and the terms of reference shall be determined by the Academic Board.
  6. To delegate authority to Boards of Examiners, to administer the arrangements for the conferment of the University’s awards upon individual students who have satisfied the requirements of conferment.
  7. To advise on other matters referred to it by the Vice-Chancellor or the University Council.
  8. To consider equality and diversity issues arising from the remit of the Board.
  9. To consider risk issues arising from the work of the Board.

Specific Policy Responsibilities
Individual policies are delegated to sub-committees or individual postholders with major changes to be approved by Academic Board.

Terms of Office
Heads of School: 3 years
Nominated Academic Rep: 3 years
Elected Academic Subject Leader: 3 years
Elected Academic Course Leader: 3 years
Elected Professional Services Rep: 3 years

Mode of Operation
Chair: Vice-Chancellor
Vice Chair: Deputy Vice Chancellor
Officer: Director of Governance & Registry Services

Co-options: Up to three per year

Half of the total membership (excluding co-options) which must include either the designated Chair or Vice-Chair

Frequency of Meetings
Up to 5 times per year

Reporting Line
University Council

Academic Affairs Committee
Research Committee
Honorary Awards Committee

Delegated Boards
Module and Award Boards of Examiners

Submission / Availability of Minutes
Summaries of all minutes will be forwarded to the University Council and held by the Registrar’s Directorate. Minutes will also be published on the University website.

Vice-Chancellor (ChairStephen MarstonN/A
Deputy Vice Chancellor
Dr Richard O’DohertyN/A
University Secretary
and Registrar
Dr Matthew AndrewsN/A
Dean of Academic
Prof David JamesN/A
Dean of Business
and Enterprise
Dr Gwyn JonesN/A
Director of Quality and
Academic Services
Andrea ChalkN/A
Director of Quality
Dr Amanda PillN/A
Two Heads of School
(to be chosen by the
Heads of School
working together)
Anne Dawson
(School of Media)
Lorraine Dixon
(School of Health
and Social Care)
July 2015 – June 2018
Oct 2016 – Sept 2019
Six Academic Representatives
(nominated by the
Schools not
already represented
by the elected
ASL or elected ACL)
Dr Emily Ryall (School of
Sport and Exercise)
Dai Jones (School of Natural and Social Sciences)
Adeela Shafi (School of Education)
Dr Matt Reed (Countryside
and Community Research
Russell Shalofsky (School of Education)
David Last (School of Liberal
and Performing Arts)
Apr 2017 – Mar 2020
Nov 2017 – Oct 2020
Oct 2017 – Sept 2020
Dec 2017 – Nov 2020

Oct 2015 – Sept 2018
Jan 2017 – Dec 2019
One Elected Academic Subject
Leader (ASL)
Neil Leighton (School of Media)Dec 2016 – Nov 2019
One Elected Academic Course
Leader (ACL)
Ian Hepworth (School of Media)Sept 2016 – Aug 2019
Two members of staff elected by and
from General staff
Dr David Manohar

Dr Alex Ryan
Aug 2015 – July 2018

Dec 2016 – Nov 2019
Academic Staff Member
of Council
Prof Andrew ParkerN/A
2 Representatives from the Students’ Union
(the President and the
Education Officer)
Vicki Hatton

Emily Andrews
July 2017 – June 2018

July 2017 – June 2018
Director of Library, Technology and
Nick MooreN/A
Co-opted Members: Heads of
Associate Schools
in Strategic
Alliance Partner Colleges
Kelly Gillett (South Gloucestershire and
Stroud College)
Sarah Perryman (Gloucestershire College)
Jayne Davis (Bath College)


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