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Governance and Structure

​​​​​The University Executive Committee is responsible for all matters associated with the development and management of the university.

Academic registry strategic vision

Last updated: 14 January 2021

September 2016

Strategic Vision

The Academic Registry is central to the delivery of the University’s Strategy. What we do matters to staff throughout the University, to students at every stage of their higher education, and to diverse external partners. It is therefore of great importance that we provide reliable, trusted, expert, and efficient services to improve the University and to ensure it remains compliant with key internal and external requirements. These are our values and we believe in a values-led approach to delivering our services, and in the importance of the professional behaviours through which we realise our values in our working lives.

Professional Behaviours

We have adopted and personalised the AUA framework of Professional Behaviours, as follows.

Managing self and personal skills – we are mindful of our own behaviour and how it impacts on others, we enhance our skills through continuous personal development.

Delivering excellent service – we take pride in our work, and provide the best quality services by working with, through, alongside, and in support of others; we ensure our staff are empowered and take responsibility for their work.

Finding solutions – we work enthusiastically to analyse problems, develop workable solutions, and identify opportunities for continuous improvement and innovation drawing on our experience and professional knowledge.

Embracing change – we develop and engage with new ideas; we adapt our ways of working and adjust to unfamiliar situations, shifting demands, and changing roles.

Using resources effectively – we make the most productive and efficient use of resources including people, time, information, networks, and budgets.

Engaging with the wider context – we enhance our personal contribution through understanding the bigger picture beyond the University and by maintaining a strong commitment to the University’s strategy and values.

Developing self and others – we are committed to and accept personal responsibility for our own on-going personal and professional development; we support and encourage others to develop their professional knowledge, skills, and behaviours to enable them to reach their full potential.

Working together – we are a cohesive team; we work collaboratively with others; we embrace diversity and promote equality; we build genuine and open long-term partnerships based on mutual trust and respect; we communicate actively, through listening and being listened to.

Achieving results – we deliver, consistently meeting agreed objectives and success criteria; we take personal responsibility for getting things done.

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