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Annual sustainability report 2022/23


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Net Zero

Our target was to reduce emissions by 40% by 2020, against our 2005 baseline, and by 2021 we had exceeded this target with 45% reduction. We were on track to hit this target even before the various effects of the pandemic on energy use in 2020 and 2021. Our Net Zero goals now take us into the next phase of emissions reduction work.

Further to the £4.5m of Salix Finance grant funding we won in 2021, in 2022-23 we were awarded:

New Gloucester Campus Developments

As our new City Campus moves towards completion we funded the installation of energy efficiency measures including an Air Source Heat Pump and insultation. We also installed energy efficient window and lightwells that were designed to replicate the building’s art deco heritage.

University of Gloucestershire - City Campus front
Artists mockup showing internal view of city campus.

Reporting on net zero performance

A solid policy towards net zero reports on a wider set of activities, against all 3 scopes of direct and indirect carbon emissions. This report shares the headline position overall and the specific progress we have made on those targets.

The data shows our performance in this second delivery year against our Carbon Net Zero Strategy. It aligns with the formal reporting we do publicly within our annual financial statements, as required by the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting Protocol.

Emissions performance 2022-23

his graph shows our overall carbon emissions reduction against the baseline year of 2018-2019 and towards our net zero target year of 2030.

The visuals below show performance against the individual scopes of carbon emissions and their unique targets, against the same timelines.

We’ve put together a guide to understanding carbon emissions and their scopes, view this below.

Energy management

To support the decarbonisation of our campuses and our net zero goals, we are optimising our energy management approaches. Indicators we monitor include:

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Energy use per m2 GIA 2022-2023 data ??? kWh/m2

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Energy use per FTE 2022-2023 data ???? kWh/FTE

We have been committed to purchasing 100% renewable energy since 1993. In 2019 we joined a £50m group corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) with 19 other universities, through energy purchasing consortium TEC, that sources power from a portfolio of UK windfarms.

Reporting on the UN Global Goals

This report meets our annual reporting commitments on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an institutional signatory to the tertiary sector SDG Accord.

Throughout this annual report, we record how the actions and results shown in this report contribute to the delivery of the UN SDGs. The actions on this page contribute to the specific goals marked below.

For more information view the global goals page.

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