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Disability and dyslexia – Frequently asked questions

Last updated: 19 January 2021

I have a disability/I have a medical condition. How can you help me?

Each person has different needs so ring us on 01242 714541 or email on and we can discuss your particular needs.

You will need to provide medical evidence in order for us to put support in place for you, this might be in the form of a doctors’ letter or professional assessment.

What information should I share with the disability & dyslexia learning support service about my disability?

Please share with us any medical evidence or formal assessments. As soon as you receive copies of your Needs Assessment report or Disabled Students Allowance letters from your funding body please share these documents with us.

How can I make sure support is in place for me when I start university?

If you are applying to the University through UCAS, you can disclose your disability/learning difficulty/health condition/mental health difficulty on the application form. We will then contact you for further information.

If you aren’t applying through UCAS, please contact the Disability, Dyslexia & Learning Support Service on 01242 714541 / with the details of your support needs and the course you are studying. Contact the Disability, Dyslexia & Learning Support Service at anytime before starting the course to discuss support needs & procedures for putting support in place.

Prospective students will need to register with the service for most of the support to be put in place.

What is DSA and who is entitled to it?

DSA stands for Disabled Students Allowance, it is available if you want to study a higher education course and have a disability, ongoing health condition, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty like dyslexia.

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How do I apply for DSA?

If you are applying for DSA only, you need to complete DSA1 form, if you are also applying for the main student finance package, you need to indicate on the main application that you want to apply for DSA and then complete a ‘short’ version of the DSA1 form: DSA1.

Can I apply for DSA before I get to university?

Yes. Whether you apply through the DSA1 form or using the ‘short’ version of the DSA1 form, apply as early as possible. You don’t have to wait until you’ve been offered a place at university.

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Can I apply for Disabled Students Allowance if I am a part-time undergraduate student?

Part-time students are eligible for Disabled Students Allowance as long as the course is at least one year long and doesn’t take more than four times as long to complete as a full time course.

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Can I apply for Disabled Students Allowance if I am a part-time postgraduate student?

For most postgraduate courses there is just one Disabled Students Allowance to cover all costs, which is different to Disabled Students Allowance for undergraduates.

If you are studying a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), you’re eligible for the undergraduate Disabled Students Allowance rates and support packages.

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What contact can my parent / guardian have with the disability, dyslexia & learning support service once I have started university?

We are unable to answer specific questions about your progress with anyone without your written consent. We understand that this can sometimes be difficult for Parents. The reason for this approach is because of the Data Protection and Confidentiality Law.

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