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Governance and Structure

​​​​​The University Executive Committee is responsible for all matters associated with the development and management of the university.

Equality Objectives 2018-2022

Last updated: 18 January 2021

Actions for 2020-2022

Vision statement

To create an inclusive campus culture where difference is respected and valued, that actively combats prejudice, discrimination and harassment enabling all students and staff to achieve their true potential. 

1. Recruiting, Developing and Supporting a more Diverse Workforce

#ActionsLead ResponsibilityTimescaleImpact Measures
1Recruitment and selection of Staff:

• Support the Departments & Schools with the reduction of gender based occupational segregation & continue to close the gender pay gap
• Increase the representation of applicants from Black, Asian, Minority ethnic backgrounds across all roles at all levels in the University
• Work with internal and external networks to understand and develop the most appropriate channels to attract staff from diverse backgrounds
Customer Services and Operations ManagerJuly 2021• Continuing reduction in both our Mean and Median gender pay gap
• Number of diverse candidates applying for roles on an annual basis (includes part time hourly paid)
• % of roles offered to diverse candidates
• % of roles accepted by diverse candidates
• % of minority ethnic staff retained over a three-year period
• Monitor wider HR policies and impact on
2Learning and Development:

• Create a cohesive, unified learning and development framework of the existing provision offered by People Development, ADU and Education.
• Trial, evaluate and implement the “Supporting Inclusive Behaviours” workshop to all staff
LiFT Project TeamJune 2021• Number of projects within schools identified as good practice.
• Feedback from students on impact of activities – How collected.
• Development of Moodle and Talis sites.
• Number of staff accessing the LiFT Moodle resources (includes BLM)
3Harassment and Bullying:

• Establish an online system for staff to report incidents of bullying and harassment, including anonymously. System to advise on internal support and signpost to external sources of advice and support.
• Develop and implement a communication plan to increase awareness and transparency of the process.
Equality and Diversity Manager and HR TeamMarch 2021• Increase in incidents reported in the short term, demonstrating confidence in University process and commitment to action.
• Numbers of incidents by protected characteristics.
• Nature of incidents reported.
• Reduction in the number of incidents in the medium to longer term.
• Improvement in staff experiences measured via Staff Surveys.

2. Improving our Students’ Experiences

2a. Reducing our Awarding Gap

#ActionsLead ResponsibilityTimescaleImpact Measures
1Develop the LiFT – ‘Decolonising Learning Project’:

• Expand collection of staff & student stories.
• Develop our own good practice case studies
LiFT Project TeamJune 2021• Number of projects within schools identified as good practice.
• Feedback from students on impact of activities – How collected.
• Development of Moodle and Talis sites.
• Number of staff accessing the LiFT Moodle resources (includes BLM)
2Continue to expand and learn from our Reciprocal Mentoring ProgrammeEquality and Diversity ManagerJuly 2021• Feedback of impact from students
• Feedback of learning by senior leaders
• Change in institutional practices.
3aUnder the Learning Design Programme, develop across the staff body inclusive pedagogies and practices that will achieve significant reduction in the black and other awarding gaps:

• Design, deliver and evaluate a course-level workshop as part of the AcE Framework on ‘Embedding inclusivity within and beyond the curriculum’
Head of Learning Technology & InnovationPilot February 2021. Repeat on rolling basis or by SC request across AY 20/21.• Number of workshop attendees
• Feedback from workshop attendees
• Positive impact on practice shared in RAPP and eSRD discussions
• Curriculum design and delivery changes noted as Course Portal Reflections and Actions
3b• Continuous updating of materials on the ADU Sharepoint site for LD Principle 6 (inclusive and personalised learning experiences)Head of Learning Technology & InnovationThroughout AY 20/21• Staff feedback on resources via SEG
• SU feedback via Education Officer
3c• Ensure EDI in curriculum design, delivery and assessment is a key theme of the Festival of Learning 2021Head of Learning Technology & InnovationJune 2021• No. of staff contributions to Festival of Learning (FOL) concerning EDI
• Viewing figures for online FOL EDI resources
• Staff attendance at EDI sessions
• Positive impact on practice shared in eSRD
3d• Review all courses with active consideration of inclusive approaches to teaching, learning and assessmentHead of Learning Technology & InnovationThroughout AY 20/21 EDI considerations are embedded within blended learning support for courses. Full review of course design delayed until AY 21-22• Course Portal Reflections and Actions and consideration in CER
• Publication of a Course Learning and Teaching Strategy
4Continue to support and develop our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic + Staff/Student NetworkChairs of the BAME Network & Student UnionThroughout 20/21 Academic year• Increased visibility of Network
• Increased Network membership – staff and students
• Influencing strategic priorities

2. Improving our Students’ Experiences

2b. Supporting their Mental Health and Wellbeing

#ActionsLead ResponsibilityTimescaleImpact Measures
1Roll out Mental Health First Aid trainingHead of Student WellbeingJuly 2021• 300+ staff to attend MHFA training
2Residential Life. Create programme of events and community development for students in halls.Head of Student Housing and WelfareThroughout 20/21 AY• Increase events across halls and attendance. Seek feedback through focus groups.
3Establish a programme of support for our international studentsImmigration and Student Records ManagerThroughout 20/21 AY• Engagement with all international students
• Increase in number of events/activities delivered
• Improve experiences measured via survey and anecdotal feedback

3. Aspiring to, Embedding and Celebrating our Successes

#ActionsLead ResponsibilityTimescaleImpact Measures
1Range of events and activities organised to celebrate and mark diversity dates.Chairs of Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic + Network/ Womens’ Network/ Equality and Diversity Manager/SUThroughout 20/21 Academic Year• Embedding of equality through more inclusive environments measured via qualitative and quantitative student feedback.
2Incorporation of equality, diversity and inclusion in all corporate strategies.Equality & Diversity ManagerThroughout 20/21 Academic Year• Equality diversity and inclusion referenced appropriately within all revised corporate strategies.
3Explore external awards and accreditations to recognise success and progressEquality & Diversity Manager and Equality Champions.Throughout 20/21 Academic Year• Sign up to accreditations
• Shortlisting for awards
• Local, regional and national media coverage.

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