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Graduate Route Visa

Last updated: 4 March 2024

If you intend to apply for the Graduate route, please do not do so until the University has emailed you to confirm that the Home Office has been informed of your course completion.

Key Features:

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Frequently asked questions:

Does the Graduate route require a new application?
The Graduate route requires a new visa application, which can only be submitted from inside the UK.

How do I apply for the Graduate route?
Students wishing to apply for the Graduate route, who satisfy the academic and visa eligibility requirements, are able to submit an online application via the website.

Is there a fee to apply for the Graduate route?
Yes – applicants must pay the relevant application fee and immigration health surcharge. For the latest fee, please visit the website.

What additional documentation or evidence is required to apply for the Graduate route?
Students need to know the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) they used for their most recent Student application in order to apply for the Graduate route. No other documents are ordinarily required.

Will universities be expected to act as sponsors for those students on the Graduate route after they have graduated?
Individuals applying to the Graduate route do not need a sponsor. However, your Student visa sponsor must have notified the Home Office, by the date of your application under the Graduate route, that you have successfully completed the course of study that your Student visa was issued for. Please do not apply for the Graduate route until you have received confirmation from the University that the Home Office have been notified of your completion.

Will this route count towards settlement?
The route is non-extendable and does not count towards settlement. However, graduates who find an appropriate job and meet the requirements may be able to apply to work routes, including the Skilled Worker, which is a route to settlement.

What happens after I have applied for the Graduate route?
The UKVI will assess your application and provide you with a decision within 4-6 weeks. If successful, you should receive your new BRP within 10 working days of the decision date.

Can the University help me to submit my Graduate route application?
Since this is a non-sponsored route, it is your responsibility to prepare and submit your application. However, if you are uncertain about any aspect of the application form or process, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Where can I find further information about the Graduate route?
For further, more detailed information about the Graduate route, please see the relevant pages prepared by UKCISA, here.

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