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Governance and Structure

​​​​​The University Executive Committee is responsible for all matters associated with the development and management of the university.

Management of Smoking and Vaping Policy

Last updated: 28 November 2023

1. Introduction

The objectives of this policy are:

(a) to encourage all those on University premises to care for the health, safety and welfare of themselves and others;

(b) to ensure the University provides a clean and healthy environment with smoke- free air;

(c) to ensure that the risk of fire, explosion and contamination from smoking or vaping is minimized ;

(d) to comply with legal requirements, most notably The Health Act 2006;

(e) to provide help for those members of staff or students who wish to stop smoking.

(f) to plan incremental reduction of smoking on University premises, to support the Government ‘Smoke-free’ target, currently 2030.

2. Definitions

For the purpose of this policy, ‘smoking’ is defined as the burning of tobacco and/or other substances through cigarettes or other methods such as cigars, pipes etc. Those who use cigarettes in this context are defined as ‘smokers’

For the purpose of this policy ‘vaping’ is defined as the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and other devices which allow the user to inhale nicotine and/or other liquids as vapour rather than smoke. Those who use vaping devices in this context are defined as ‘vapers’

This policy applies to all staff and students as well as to visitors, contractors and sub- contractors whilst on University owned and controlled property.

3. Policy

3.1 Smoking and vaping is prohibited inside all University managed buildings and vehicles. It is also prohibited in all outside areas except at designated points, which are located away from the buildings.

The exception to the above is the City Campus, where there is a total prohibition of smoking and vaping, including for the limited external spaces within the curtilage of the building.

3.2 Staff and students engaged on University activities in places other than University managed buildings should follow the smoking and vaping policies of those locations where the activities are taking place.

3.3 Support to stop smoking is available through the Gloucestershire Healthy Lifestyles Service (0800 122 3788). Members of staff and students are also able to seek help through their General Practitioner.

3.4 The Estates Department will identify, maintain and publicise the locations of designated external points for smoking and make sufficient provision for the safe extinguishment, disposal & collection of smoking materials, except at the City Campus, where smoking will be prohibited entirely as noted above. Smoking points will be suitably positioned in order to prevent exposure to passive smoke and protect windows and entranceways to buildings from ingress of smoke.

3.5 The Estates Department will identify, maintain and publicise locations of separate designated vaping points, which are suitably positioned in order to prevent exposure to passive vapour and protect windows and entranceways to buildings from ingress of vapour. Vaping at City Campus will be prohibited.

4. Enforcement

The University will enforce this policy through persuasion, health promotion campaigns, clear signage, provision of facilities for smokers and separately for vapers and if necessary, through the application of its investigation and disciplinary procedures.

5. Monitoring

This policy will be reviewed every three years by the Health & Safety Committee, who will consider and where appropriate, approve amendments proposed by the Health and Safety team.

A more frequent review may be necessary following changes to legislation or on the instruction of the Health & Safety Committee.

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