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Instructions and guides for ARC - to view student placement information.

Practice Supervisor and Assessor’s Guide to Timesheets

Last updated: 13 March 2024

This guide covers:

An introduction to Timesheets Management System (TMS)

Electronics timesheets provide an accurate record of student placement hours and aims to save both time and resources for all those involved in student placements.

The Timesheets Management System (TMS) enables a student to electronically complete and submit a weekly timesheet. The TMS will automatically generate an email to the student’s Practice Assessor or Practice Supervisor with a request to approve or reject the timesheet. Once the timesheet has been approved, the student’s hours are automatically transferred into their ARC record.

The timesheet approval process

The process of timesheet approval is very straightforward. At the end of the working week, the student will fill out their timesheet and submit it electronically. Most placement areas will allocate one member of staff, e.g. the ward manager, to approve all timesheets using information from off-duty lists to confirm shifts worked.

Students will need the following details in order to be able to submit their timesheets for approval:

After the student has submitted their timesheet, the supervisor will receive an email from with the subject line ‘GLOUCESTER Student Timesheet Approval Request for (name of student)’.

The email contains a unique link to, when you click the link in the email the timesheet will open, you will then have 2 options:

  1. If you are happy that the whole timesheet is correct, just click on the ‘Approve Timesheet’ button. The timesheet is now approved and no further action is necessary. You can add an optional comment to the timesheet before you approve it if needed.
  2. If there is an error in the timesheet e.g. the student has not recorded a sickness day, you need to add a comment at the bottom of the timesheet to explain where the error is and click on ‘Reject Timesheet’. The student will then need to correct the error and resubmit the timesheet.

NOTE: ARC will display 7½ hours as 7.3 (meaning 7hrs 30 minutes).

Sample timesheet screen

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