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Nursing Elective Placements

Last updated: 13 March 2024

Advice & Guidance

Students undertaking an elective placement are able to make their own arrangements for foreign and out-of-county elective placements. For placements classed as in-county, students must complete the electives placements form which will be emailed to all students, and the placement team will make all necessary arrangements.

All placements in both the NHS and Private sectors in Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath, Swindon or Oxford are classed as in-county and must be organised by the placements team. You must not approach any potential placement in Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath, Swindon or Oxford, including AWP, Oxford Health, UHBW, NBT, GHT, GHC, or GP practices.

We are not able to provide placements in any Maternity setting, Prisons, Armed Forces or Ambulance Service. There is some availability in GP Practices, Breast Care, MIIU, Community Nursing and other specialist services. There is also some availability in children’s services which include Peadactrics, NICU, school nursing, children Imms & Vacs, children’s community Nursing and Health Visiting, but places are limited.

For information on the type of placements that are available, please refer to the local NHS trust websites.

Placements cannot be split up in-county – we are only able to send you to one setting for the full duration of the elective placement.

Foreign Elective Placements

Foreign electives are a fantastic way to see healthcare in an often radically different setting whilst also gaining the opportunity to travel. If you wish to undertake a foreign elective placement, we strongly recommend that you use a reputable placement travel company to make the arrangements. The university does not recommend any specific company however, you can view information about foreign electives with Work the World on their website and you can find information from Medic to Medic on their YouTube channel and the Mighty Roar’s website.

If you choose to make your own independent arrangements for a foreign elective placement, we will need to be in contact with the placement provider, before agreeing to the placement, to ensure that they have the correct health & safety policies & procedures in place and that the placement is of acceptable quality. We will also need assurance that your accommodation is safe and appropriate for the full duration of the placement.

Please do not book or pay for any foreign placement until you have confirmation from the placements team that it will be acceptable and you have university insurance in place.

If you have any questions or do not know if a placement is possible, you can email


Elective Experience OAR: Nursing (All Branches) – This document is for students on an elective placement only. All other placements are documented using the ePAD.

Timesheets for Foreign Elective Placements

Frequently Asked Questions

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