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Ref 2021 Contacts

Last updated: 26 July 2021

The team managing the REF on behalf of these bodies is located in Research England. Since mid2017, preparations have been under way for the next assessment phase, REF 2021. For more information on the REF visit

If you have any questions about the REF, please contact the designated institutional contacts, or the respective UoA Coordinator.

Institutional Contacts

Institutional REF contact: Professor David James (email:
Technical REF contact: Chris Jones (email:

Unit of Assessment Coordinators

UoA 4 – Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience: Prof Graham Edgar
UoA 12 – Engineering: Prof Shujun Zhang
UoA 13 – Architecture, Built Environment and Planning: Prof Paul Courtney
UoA 14 – Geography and Environmental Studies: Prof Frank Chambers
UoA 17 – Business and Management Studies: Dr Philippa Ward
UoA 21 – Sociology: Dr Jonathan Hobson & Dr Kenny Lynch
UoA 23 – Education: Dr Adeela Shafi & Dr Paul Vare
UoA 24 – Sport and Exercise Sciences, Leisure and Tourism: Prof Mark De Ste Croix
UoA 27 – English Language and Literature: Prof Nigel McLoughlin & Prof John Hughes
UoA 28 – History: Prof Melanie Ilic
UoA 31 – Theology and Religious Studies: Prof Phillip Esler
UoA 32 – Art and Design: History, Practice and Theory: Dr Andrew Bick
UoA 34 – Communication, Cultural & Media Studies, Library and Inf. Management: Dr Ab Gardner

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