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University of Gloucestershire Sports Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 27 April 2022

Section one: General

1.1 All scholarship offers are subject to the student being enrolled on an undergraduate or postgraduate course at the University of Gloucestershire. If, for any reason, you are no longer enrolled as a student at the University your place on the programme will be withdrawn and no further payments will be made.  

1.2 Please be aware that if you do not engage fully with the Sports Scholarship Programme, we reserve the right to withdraw funding and/or remove the Scholar from the programme.

1.3 Scholars are expected to attend the Initial Group Scholarship Meeting, Group Scholarship CPD Events plus any additional workshops specifically relating to their scholarship/sport. Registers will be taken at each of these events and will form part of the review process.

1.4 Scholars must keep in touch with the Scholarship Team throughout the academic year by emails and meetings and inform the Scholarship Team of future important events and recent successes.

1.5 Scholars must ensure that the content of any Social Media posts are appropriate and their behaviour and actions will not compromise themselves, their sport and/or the University.

1.6 Scholars must check their University email account on a regular basis to check for information sent out by the Sport Scholarship Team.

1.7 The scholar gives permission that any photographs and footage taken by University of Gloucestershire approved photographers or staff can be used for promotional marketing and internet purposes. The scholar understands that they may be required to be available for reasonable publicity that the university considers appropriate.

1.8 The scholar agrees to the University of Gloucestershire processing personal data for the purposes of the scholarship. All information provided will be handled in accordance with GDPR.

Section two: Sport

2.1 Athletes will represent the University of Gloucestershire in the BUCS* programme – league or individual (in some circumstances this may not be appropriate or possible and can be waived by prior agreement)

2.2 Athletes will represent themselves: the university; and/or their club at regional, national or international level

2.3 Coaches will coach the University of Gloucestershire BUCS team in their chosen sport

2.4 Officials will officiate at BUCS or at regional, national or international level

*BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport)

Section three: Academic

3.1. Scholars will engage fully with their academic studies and regular checks will be made to ensure that this is happening.

3.2. Scholars understand that they must stay in contact with their personal academic tutor and that the Sports Scholarship team have the right to discuss academic progress with their personal tutor.

3.3. Feedback from Personal Tutors will be included in scholarship reviews 2-3 times per year and where tutors report lack of academic engagement the scholarship team retain the right to withhold payments and services.

Section four: Conduct

Scholars must abide by the terms of the Code of Conduct:

Code of Conduct:
4.1. Scholars must respect the rights, dignity and worth of each and every person and treat each equally within the context of the sport.
4.2. Scholars must use appropriate language at all times.
4.3 Scholars must demonstrate proper personal behaviour and conduct at all times.
4.3. Remember…you are representing the University of Gloucestershire. Your behaviour and conduct is a reflection on the University as a whole and may affect any future links we have with internal and external partners.
All aspects of the full student code of conduct also apply, the full student Code of Conduct can be found here:

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