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Paramedic science

Student Paramedic Uniform Policy

Last updated: 13 March 2024

As a student paramedic, you will be expected to wear a uniform when in practice settings and during some skill sessions within the University.

It is important that the uniform worn is correct and complies with relevant health and safety requirements and that you do comply with these.

You are also representing your University and your future profession.

We will supply the following uniform items:

Reflective waterproof jacket class 31
Polo shirts3
Soft shell jacket1
Safety Boots HS3 standard1 pair

The reflective jacket and Soft Shell jacket will be returned to the University at the end of your course. Failure to do so will result in a charge for these items being applied to you.

Additional cost

You will need to purchase at cost to yourself any additional or replacements of the following items:

Please note that all uniform items must comply with current health and safety requirements. Furthermore, only items purchased through recognised University suppliers will be allowed to be worn in practice settings.

Wearing Uniform

The uniform will clearly identify you as a student paramedic from University of Gloucestershire. As such you will be easily identifiable.

Your uniform should be clean and ironed to provide a professional appearance.

When traveling to or from a placement setting it is important that you either cover your uniform with a coat (for example) or change into civilian clothes at the end of your working day.

You must not wear the uniform to do your shopping in or go to the local public house.


Maintaining your personal hygiene is important. Please ensure that you shower daily. Deodorants should be used. You may wish to carry a spare deodorant with you daily whilst on practice settings.

Uniform should be laundered as per the manufacturer’s guidelines on a regular basis at the end of your working day.

The only exception is the reflective jacket. With the reflective jacket please adhere to the washing guidance on the label inside the jacket.


Remember you are representing yourself, the University and your chosen profession.

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