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University Council

University Executive Committee

Last updated: 10 October 2022

Terms of Reference

The University Executive Committee will be responsible for all matters associated with the development and management of the University including:

Mode of Operation




Deputy Vice-Chancellor


Executive Officer, Vice-Chancellor’s Office


One half of the total membership which must include either the designated Chair or Vice-Chair

Frequency of Meetings

Every two weeks

Current Sub-Committees

Availability of Minutes

A formal record of the conclusions and decisions, for relevant agenda items will be published, if not confidential.


Vice Chancellor (Chair)
Stephen Marston

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Vice Chair)
Prof Jackie Labbe

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Enhancement and Research)
Dr Sarah Jones (from 17 October 2022)

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Governance and Student Affairs)
Dr Matthew Andrews

Chief Financial Officer
Camille Stallard

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