Private housing

Rent a private house or flat from our approved list

​​​​What is university-approved private housing?

With university-approved private housing you can rent a private house or flat away from campus from a private landlord or letting agent.

Each year the university’s accommodation team produces a list of approved housing that’s available exclusively to University of Gloucestershire students. The scheme ensures that all properties have been visited by the accommodation team, meet certain health and safety criteria, and have gas and electricity certificates.

Please be aware that when you rent a private house, your contract will be directly with the landlord and not with the university. It's important to read any contract carefully before signing - get in touch with our accommodation team​ for help and support.

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If you're a landlord and wish to add your property to our list of approved housing, view our information for landlords​.


Is private housing suitable for me?

Private housing is suitable for all students who wish to live independently away from campus, however it’s particularly popular with returning and postgraduate students.

Compare all accommodation types to decide which will be best for you.

How much does private housing cost?

The cost of private flats and houses can vary depending on a number of factors, including the location of the property, facilities, how many people you’re sharing the property with, and whether bills and utilities are included within your rent.

For example, you could expect to pay around £88 - £105 per week (excluding bills) if you were to share a property with four people. Utility bills are often included within your rent, but you should aim to budget around £15 extra per week to cover this if bills are not included.

Private housing contracts

While halls of residence contracts last for 40 weeks, housing contracts can last anywhere between 40 and 52 weeks and will vary depending on the property. Usually you would expect to pay a deposit of one month’s rent when signing the contract to secure your room.

When signing a contract for a private house or flat, make sure that you have read through it thoroughly and are happy with all aspects – including exactly how much you’ll be paying, how long you will be paying it for, and what’s included in your rent.

Get in touch with our accommodation team if you need any support, advice or guidance about private housing.

What facilities will I have in a private house or flat?

Most properties on the university-approved housing list will have 3 - 8 bedrooms with shared kitchens and bathrooms, laundry facilities, and appropriate furniture to cater for the number of students living in the property.

Your bedroom will usually include a bed, wardrobe, storage and desk, and many private houses will include a communal area or lounge. Some properties will come with further facilities such as a garden or parking spaces.​

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Why not return to halls in your second or third year?

Did you know that returning and postgraduate students can return to halls?

With great facilities, support, 40 week contracts and inclusive bills, staying in halls of residence can be a great option for returning and postgraduate students. You can even book an entire flat or townhouse with a group of friends if you know who you want to live with.

Find out more about halls of residence

What to do next

If you’re interesting in applying to stay in university-approved housing then you can use student pad to find flats and houses that are available near our campuses in Cheltenham and Gloucester.

You’ll need to register for an account when visiting student pad for the first time, and will find a number of different options to narrow your accommodation search.

Please be aware that access is only given to returning students, or students with a firm offer at the university (UF or CF).

View university-approved private housing on StudentPad


The accommodation team is on hand to offer support and guidance to students living off-campus, ensuring you settle into your new home quickly and have an enjoyable and productive time at university.

You can get in touch with the team if you have any problems, queries or questions to do with any aspect of student housing using the options below.

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