Students' Union

A band performing to a large crowd at the Summer Ball.

Make the most of your Students' Union. Enjoy exciting events, activities, societies and clubs. Feedback on your learning experiences to make them even better.

As a university student, you will automatically become an important member of our Students' Union (SU). Our SU exists for two main purposes:

  • to represent students and give you a voice to change and improve your university learning and experiences
  • to offer you lots of opportunities to have fun through social events, activities, societies, clubs, and sports.

The SU is a different organisation to the university and is a registered charity. It’s funded partly by the university and partly though revenue made from selling tickets, advertising space, through the SU Shop and other activities. There is one SU office on each university campus. You can visit at any time to get information, advice or for a chat.

Enjoy social events and activities and NUS discounts

Have fun at Freshers' Week, the annual summer ball (2018 event presented by Scott Mills and Chris Stark) and benefit from nightclub promotions exclusively for University of Gloucestershire students, like Moo Moo’s BlueNBlue night.

The SU runs trips and activities for all to enjoy!

Make the quality of your learning even better

Through course and subject group reps (reps are students and you can put yourself forward for election), you can feedback your learning experiences to improve and change elements of your course.

Develop new skills for your CV with training and work opportunities

Develop skills and experience for your CV with the option of being paid through the SU JobShop (advertises part time jobs for students), as well as volunteering and paid work opportunities at the SU.

Enrich your university experience with exciting sports and societies

Enjoy competitive sports, playing for fun (UNIversal Sport), unique societies and clubs​ through the SU. Meet life-long friends, develop skills and experiences for your CV and enrich your university experience.