Care leavers advice

​​At the University of Gloucestershire, we recognise that the transition into higher education is an enormous step for all new students. However, for those from a cared-for background, this step can be even more significant.

Our aim is to make this process as simple and supportive as possible by providing just one point of contact that will co-ordinate a range of support and educational services in alignment with your pathway plan if you have one, and in partnership with your personal adviser if you wish to do so before you enter University.

Care leaver scholarships

In 2020/21, the University will be offering care leaver scholarships to students that have been in care. The Care Leavers Scholarship consists of a 50% fee waiver plus a bursary towards general living, accommodation and study costs. This can be received as discounted halls of residence fees or cash support at Level 5 and 6 should students move into private accommodation. The bursary amount is £2,000 in the first year (Level 4), £1,000 in the second year (Level 5) and £1,000 in the final year (Level 6). This amount can be increased to £2,000 in the final year (Level 6), if you achieve an average pass mark of 60% or more at Level 5.

Important: you must still apply for your Student Loan even if you think you may be entitled to this scholarship.

Undergraduate funding

Find out more about loans, bursaries & scholarships here.

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The accommodation team ensures that care leavers are a priority group for entrance into Halls of Residence in their first year and the team has specialist housing advisers who help to find suitable student accommodation in following years.

Support services 

The university is committed to the welfare and development of all its students. Find out more about the university support services here.


The university can help with all money related queries, including the difference between loans, grants and bursaries, student finance applications, access to learning funds, hardship payments and scholarships.  

Care leaver contact

Susana Franklyn is the Student Welfare Lead and the University of Gloucestershire's named contact for care-leaver support. She will get in touch with you prior to starting your course to help you plan ahead and ensure that any support requirements can be put in place before term starts.

Regardless of your support requirements, Susana is available to meet with you regularly to check in on how you are doing and your experience so far.

Contact Susana via email on or via telephone on 01242 714976