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Luminescence dating service

Our Luminescence dating service has been drawn upon by over 100 Universities, Archaeological Consultancies and Heritage-related bodies across more than 500 projects, both in the UK and Overseas.

Having completed in excess of 500 projects, our laboratory has developed a strong reputation for providing a comprehensive and timely service using research grade equipment and protocols.

Pre-sampling consultation

Preferably prior to sample collection, clients should contact the laboratory in order to supply site information and consult on the suitability of the samples proposed for dating. The laboratory can then compose a sampling and dating strategy, and provide a list of related charges.


The sampling element of the service takes one of two forms. Firstly, the laboratory can supply clients with detailed instructions for performing what is a relatively straightforward task. Alternatively, a member of the laboratory can attend site. This latter option means that the sampling strategy can be modified as necessary and enables in situ measurements of dose rate, offering enhanced accuracy and precision particularly where the sediment body is heterogeneous in texture.

Processing and reporting

The typical turnaround interval is 3 months, though this will vary depending on the number, nature and age of samples submitted. Where feasible, we can process samples in as little as two weeks. Our standard report summarises the processes, diagnostics and data drawn upon to deliver age estimates and offers a conclusion on the analytical validity of each.

Get in touch

Get in touch with Professor Phillip Toms of the Luminescence Dating Laboratory using the options below​.​

Luminescence Dating Laboratory, School of Education & Science, University of Gloucestershire, Swindon Road, Cheltenham, UK, GL50 4HZ