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Academic Partners and Courses

We understand that not everyone is able to travel to the UK to study, and that some students wanting to study with us may have a varied experiences. This is why we work closely with carefully selected partners to deliver our degrees at several UK and overseas locations.

When students apply to study with us, they can also apply for existing learning and achievements to be recognised to avoid any duplication of previous learning. We have agreements in place with a number of our partners to guarantee progression and recognise entry with advanced standing onto specific courses.

Our academic partners collaborate with us to deliver validated study programmes taught at schools and colleges around the world.​​

This list provides details of the studies available through the following types of partnerships:

  • Franchised Provision - explanation TBC
  • Validated Provision - explanation TBC
  • Joint Venture Partnership - explanation TBC
  • APEL Partners​ - explanation TBC

​Partner nameApproval & Review InformationPartner TypeCourses Offered
Cathedrals Workshop Fellowship Validated provision 
Central Film School Validated and Franchised Provision 
City of Bristol College Validated Provision 
GASH Validated Provision 
Gloucestershire College Validated Provision 
Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Validated Provision 
Gower College Swansea Validated and Franchised Provision 
GUSTO International College Franchised Provision 
IDM Franchised Provision 
iNet College Franchised Provision 
Institute for Children Youth and Mission Validated Provision 
INTO (London) Validated Provision 
Markfield Institute of Higher Education Validated Provision 
Moorlands College Validated Provision 
New College Swindon Franchised Provision 
Norland College Validated Provision 
Open Learning Centre Validated Provision 
Peninsula College  Franchised Provision 
Queens Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education Validated Provision 
Redcliffe College Validated Provision 
Royal Agricultural University Validated Provision 
South Gloucestershire and Stroud College Validated and Franchised Provision 
Swindon College Validated Provision 
THEi Franchised Provision 
University of Economics and Finance Franchised Provision 
Vietnam National University, University of Economics and Law Franchised Provision 
Warwickshire College Group Validated Provision 
William Booth College Validated Provision 
Yeovil College Validated and Franchised Provision