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Practice support

Student preparation for practice

Mandatory training and essential information before you go to placement.

Disclosure & Barring Service Checks (DBS)

All students must have an in-date DBS before starting placement. DBS checks are considered in date for a maximum of 3 years after they are issued. If your DBS is older than three years or will be before the end of your course, you will need to apply for a new DBS to prevent placements from being delayed. We strongly advise all students to sign up for the DBS update service when applying for a new certificate – this must be done as soon as the certificate is received.

You can apply for a DBS via the University using the following information on the following page:

Occupational Health Checks (Working Well)

All students must complete occupational health checks and be confirmed as safe to be in placement before a placement can start.

If you have any issues completing your working well questionnaire (ie cannot find the email link or have issues with logging on), please contact our admissions team at who will be able to support you.

If you need to contact Working Well, you can do so via the Working Well website or by telephone on 01452 894480.

eLearning for Healthcare

eLearning for Healthcare is an NHS & Health Education England online training platform designed to give you easy access to all the statutory and mandatory eLearning.

All Healthcare and Social Care direct entrant students must complete the statutory and mandatory content relevant to your year of study. Apprenticeship students need to complete the statutory & mandatory training defined by the employing organisation and do not need to complete eLfH.

As Health and Social Care Professionals, there is a requirement to complete annual mandatory/statutory training.

Prior to your first placement of each academic year, direct entrant students are required to complete the eLearning for Health (eLfH) statutory & mandatory training packages. This assures our practice partners that you have had the requisite online learning to meet professional standards in clinical practice and meets with the University Placement Agreement. Once you have completed all relevant packages this will be uploaded to your ARC profile and placements will know you have completed the learning. 

Failure to complete the mandatory and statutory eLearning may jeopardise your ability to attend practice placements. It is a professional responsibility to be accountable for maintaining your annual mandatory training

Year 1 – you should have login details in your UoG Student email inbox

Year 2 & 3 – you should have signed up previously and have login details

Please use the below link to access the website.

Help & Support

For help and advice with eLearning for Healthcare, please contact

NHS Smartcard Applications

All students who have, or are expecting to have, a placement within Gloucestershire Health & Care will need to apply for an NHS Smartcard. Please use the link below to put in your application. Please note that this card will only be used with Gloucestershire Health & Care; the card cannot be used within Gloucestershire Hospitals or any privately run placement. Students in other trusts, e.g. GWH, AWP, UHBW, NBT etc, will need to apply for a smartcard from their trust rather than using this form.

IT Account for Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust

All students who have, or are expecting to have, a placement within Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust will need to apply for an IT account to be able to access their system. Please use the link below to put in your application. Please note that this IT Account will only be used with Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust.